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IRES is founded in 2017 by two Ph.D. scientists to serve the DMV area. ​IRES educators bring years of experience in teaching into practice with this innovative approach to tutoring and summer camps. Our biggest strength is that we use active learning strategies aiming to create intrinsic motivation within each student for learning. We have hundreds of evidence-based activities that foster problem solving, critical thinking, and mastery to ensure each student reaches his/her potential. ​Students who attend our camps are eligible to become counselors in training (CIT) in future. 

We focus on education research, tutoring and one-of-a-kind summer camps for children and youth. 

  • Camp Dream & Discover is unique day camp with 4 activity stations available to students simultaneously. Children have freedom to choose their morning and afternoon activities. Activities are never repeated, therefore; your camper can go all 9 weeks in summer or pick whatever weeks fit to your schedule. At the end of each activity time, all campers (capacity 32) come together and share their experiences and show artifacts. This is a great opportunity to sharpen their self expression skills. There are also all camp activities such as movie time, gym time, scavenger hunt and toss games among others.

  • Dream & Discover After School Program is a great opportunity to expand on the activities covered in summer camps. Many student clubs are available. The goal of our program is to have students gain possibly a lifelong hobby or a serious interest in such as model rocket building, storytelling, making, coding, cooking and board games among others. Parents appreciate this as it comes in very handy during middle school years if they have developed hobbies during elementary years that they are passionate about. Also available is a K-12 homework helper club where our expert guides help students succeed in school work.

  • Focus Camps are more geared toward middle school and high school students and involve learning specific subjects in a flexible environment. Subjects included are writing, coding, reading comprehension, algebra, critical thinking in US history, math Olympiad prep. Two-four of these subjects are offered each week in the morning and in the afternoon in 45 minute sessions. Therefore each day, there are four sessions of learning. In the middle of the day, students have a lunch break and a fun activity such as a video game tournament, board game tournament, shooting range competition or movie time among others. 

  • Tutoring: Among other subjects, we particularly specialize in ALL levels of Math, Chemistry, Physics and English including Algebra, Geometry, SAT/ACT prep, SAT Math, AP Chemistry/Physics, Calculus, Statistics, Writing, Language Arts, Reading Comprehension. Tutoring is done either in individually or in small groups. Students are given an assessment test at the beginning for a customized plan and also at the end to show progress. Tutoring times are flexible and open during weekdays, weekends or after school hours. Families can request times that best fit to their schedule and also form small groups for more affordable options. 

  • Weekend enrichment classes are unique programs geared toward learning. Each program is 2.5 hours per week with short breaks and 6-8 students are accepted for each session. Currently offered classes are Write & Read, SAT prep, AP chemistry, Math for the gifted and Middle School Enrichment. We also offer (not regularly) 3D printing, Critical Thinking and Reading Detective activities/classes. We also work with schools and communities and happy to offer customized weekend classes for your group. Please contact us for more information.

  • Dream & Discover Party Packages are themed party events for which you can rent our facility and hire our team of enthusiastic staff for fun demos and activities for your guests. All STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities available for Camp Dream & Discover can be picked as a theme: Mad science, explore like Einstein, robotics fun, design your own digital games, water marbling, pottery and clay art, little chefs at work and more. We do all the work for you! Decorate, entertain, cater, and clean up. What a great way to celebrate! Please contact us for more details. 

You can view our current schedule and fees for all programs HERE.

Facility pictures are coming soon!